MT New Diamond: Divers find damaged pipe system

The Sri Lanka Navy says inspections carried out by divers on the fire stricken ‘MT New Diamond’ discovered damages to an internal pipe system on the sea water inlet of the hull.

The Navy said the damages were witnessed 19.3 meters below the water level on the left side of the hull and 16 meters below the water level on the right side.

The Navy divers had taken steps to conceal the opening.

The Navy said divers also took steps to conceal the sea water inlet on the left side of the vessel after witnessing oil seeping into the water.

The Navy said the ‘MT New Diamond’ is now 45 nautical miles off Batticaloa.

Vessels and tugboats of the Sri Lanka Air Force, the Sri Lanka Navy, Indian Navy and the Indian Coast Guard continue to be actively involved in efforts related to the ‘MT New Diamond’.

The fire on board the vessel was reported on the 3rd of September due to an engine room explosion.

The fire reignited on the 7th of September owing to the heat inside the vessel and the inclement weather and was doused two days later.

Inspections are now underway to determine whether the marine environment of Sri Lanka has been affected by the ‘MT New Diamond’ while an oil patch on the water around the vessel is also being examined at present.

Court proceedings over the ‘MT New Diamond’ have also commenced. (Newsradio)

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