Health experts warn over threat of Breast Cancer in Sri Lanka

It has been revealed that between 3,000 to 5,000 women in Sri Lanka are victims of breast cancer, annually.

Speaking at a media briefing at the Health Promotion Bureau on behalf of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Doctors said they identified the daily diagnosis rate to fall somewhere between 9 and 10 women per day.

Doctors claim, women above, or close to the age of 50, are prone to the disease.

The most common type of cancer among women worldwide, is breast cancer.

Accordingly, health experts have urged women to follow directives issued to identify any symptoms at an early stage.

This year’s theme for the Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is ‘Identify Early- Protect Lives.’

“This year, we are looking to improve public awareness about breast cancer, educate the public on preventive measures and early detection methods, and stress on the importance of prompt diagnosis and referring patients for treatment to improve survivorship and care for patients with breast cancer. Most patients with breast cancer have a very good prognosis if detected and treated early,” Acting Director General of Health Services Dr. S. Sridharan told ‘The Morning’.

Dr. Sridharan added that benefits of early detection include greater possibility of conservative surgery that will assist in preserving the body’s image and less aggressive treatment options, leading to a reduction in the cost of care.

He said that women are to be encouraged and motivated to carry out Breast Self-Examinations (BSEs) on a regular basis in addition to undergoing Clinical Breast Examinations (CBE).

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