Calculator allowed for A/Level accounting paper

The Ministry of Education says students sitting the 2020 GCE Advanced Level accounting paper will be allowed to use a basic calculator during the exam as an additional aid.

Commissioner General of Exams Sanath Pujitha said any queries in this regard can be directed to the Department of Examinations. He noted the exam concludes within six days.

Sanath Pujitha stressed that any calculator, that is not pre-programmable, can be used. He also requested all exam invigilators to allow students to use the permitted calculators.

Sanath Pujitha on a separate note said the Sri Lanka Transport Board and Sri Lanka Railways have committed to provide necessary transport facilities for students.

Commenting on the paper marking process of the Grade 5 Scholarship Exam held on the 11th of October, the Commissioner General said marking will conclude today.

He noted that paper marking was carried out at 391 centres island wide.

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