Joe Biden inches closer to US Presidency, air, ground security tightened

Democratic candidate Joe Biden inched closer to victory in the US Presidential race as he took lead in Pennsylvania and remaining uncalled states and reports said the Secret Service and US Air Force tightened security around his house.

Biden flipped (took back) key Democractic strongholds of Michigan, Wisconsin and is on the verge of flipping Pennsylvania to take him past the 270 delegates of the an electoral college needed to win the Presidential elections.

Fox News and Associated Press had already called Arizona for Biden, but other network decision desks are holding back.

In the US, major networks ‘call’ or project states to have been won by a candidate long before the final result is certified by the Secretary of State.
The defeated candidate usually concedes and counting the balance and certification is an academic excuse.

But President Trump however is not conceding and is alleging voter fraud, claiming that postal or mail-in votes which Democrats used extensively are ‘illegal’.

Major US television networks cut away from his press conference, which was labeled as Trump’s ‘most dishonest speech ever’ by critics.

His campaign has launched several legal challenges claiming vote fraud, and is calling to stop the count of remaining ballots in key states he is losing such as Pennsylvania, which has 20 electoral college votes, while urging the count of votes in Arizona where the gap has narrowed.

Political analysts have called his comments an attack on US democracy and a disgrace.

Trump has consistently spread falsehoods, conspiracy theories, using the media, which tend to first carry the statements from public figures and question them later.

By repeating lies often non-issues are kept alive.

“Trump’s lies work!,” Washington post columnist Greg Sargent explained. “Their sheer relentlessness has mesmerized voters into distrusting all legitimate sources of authority!

“Trump’s reality-bending mysticism has reduced us to a nation of epistemic zombies, rendering accountability impossible.”

He said Stephen K. Bannon a former strategist had explained that the way to deal with media questioning false claims was to relentlessly to push large numbers of false claims.

“And the way to deal with them is to flood the zone with sh-t,” Bannon had said.

The tactic is related to a logical fallacy called ‘straw man’ which involve raising non-existent issues or positions in an argument, which are then attacked as a distraction.

Most Republican Senators and Congressmen won their seats, in the current election, leading analysts to comment that some Republicans may have voted for Biden.

In the US, a third of the Senate and House goes to polls at the same time as the President.

Senior Republican figures have tended to support the President in his falsehoods or stay silent.

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