‘No risk of COVID spread from those who recover’ – Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama

Specialist of the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama has assured that the coronavirus will not spread to individuals from a person who contracted the virus and was discharged after 14 days following recovery.

Speaking at a media briefing he said the specialists have studied the strain of the coronavirus, adding that the recommended practice was to conduct two PCR test results and to discharge an individual if the report return negative.

He added they later determined that while the PCR test identifies the virus, it is not at a level of spreading.

Dr. Wijewickrama noted the recommendation of the World Health Organisation is that asymptomatic individuals need not be hospitalized for more than ten days as they don’t spread the virus.

He noted that the government however reached a precautionary decision to keep such patients for 14 days and was affirmative that the virus does not spread to another.

Commenting on the COVID-19 related deaths and several passing away at residences, Dr. Ananda Wijewickrama said while majority of such cases were elderly individuals, they passed away mainly due to underlying health conditions, even though they test positive for the virus.

He added that if individuals fail to seek medical attention for chronic ailments, their condition could deteriorate rapidly.

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