Mobile app to share info on COVID19 testing

An android mobile application has been introduced for the Ministry of Health to obtain prompt information pertaining to COVID-19 testing.

The app includes provisions for users and the Ministry to receive test results and take necessary action.

The app will be active from today while the purpose behind the app is to gather and disseminate information promptly.

The Health Ministry said at present information of individuals who are subject to PCR tests are documented on paper.

The Ministry said the second phase is to identify owners of the samples in the laboratory, re-document the sample reports and direct the reports to the relevant institutions via fax or e-mail.

The Ministry added due to information not being detailed stringently and due to the lack of sufficient information, the dissemination of PCR test results is delayed.

Accordingly, the Ministry introduced the app as a solution to the delay.

Under the new method, when obtaining bio samples for PCR testing, the information of the individual is entered in the app while laboratories will receive access to the information.

The app will notify the Medical Officer of Health in the event of a positive test result while in the event of a negative result the recipient will receive a text alert notifying of the same.

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