Conduct of Provincial Council election postponed – government party leaders

A decision has been reached during a meeting of government faction party leaders to postpone the conduct of the Provincial Council election, in the wake of the COVID-19 situation in the island.

However government party leaders have expressed that the Provincial Council system is necessary for the country.

A meeting of government faction party leaders was held under the patronage of the President at the office of the Head of State last evening, at which several matters including the Provincial Council election were taken up for discussion.

Speaking to media after the meeting SM Chandrasena however said a final decision on the conduct of the election was not reached adding more talks are necessary.

He stressed Provincial Councils fulfill a great service and therefore they must not be abolished, noting therefore that a decision was reached to temporarily hold off on the conduct of the PC election in light of the spread of COVID19.

Meanwhile Gamini Lokuge said it is the government’s policy to conduct the election however adding discussions focused on whether to hold the election after the formulation of a new electoral system or before and how to conduct a poll amidst the pandemic.

Dayasiri Jayasekara also stated it is their stance that the Provincial Council election be held under a new electoral system instead of the old system, while Vasudeva Nanayakkara stressed the conduct of the election will depend on the coronavirus situation in the country, however stressing that all are of the stance that a Provincial Council election must be held.

He noted even the President also shared the intent that the election must be held at a suitable time.

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