COVID spike not reduced by travel restrictions

The Association of Government Medical Laboratory Technologists says the imposition of travel restrictions has not resulted in the control of the coronavirus.

President of the Association Ravi Kumudesh said health units have failed in tabling scientific factors in decision making despite extreme efforts by health authorities to control the spread of the coronavirus.

Kumudesh said instead various political decisions are being taken.

He said according to available data, the virus death toll and number of cases has increased as opposed to the number of PCR tests conducted adding stricter restrictions should be imposed to control the pandemic.

Kumudesh said officials of the Ministry of Health should present the President and the government scientific evidence indicating advantages of restrictions, the mortality rate and how restrictions assisted in mitigating the disease.

Kumudesh said scientific factors contribute largely in controlling the coronavirus.

Kumudesh added scientific methods in the health services is imperative in mitigating the coronavirus pandemic.

He said the greatest shortcoming of the health sector is the lack of alternatives in political decision making.

He noted data should be presented to indicate the advantages of imposing travel restrictions, curfew and the effect on the country’s economy if adopting a ‘survival of the fittest’ method adding the lack of this data results in the public making their own decisions.

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