Revised health guidelines from tomorrow

The Ministry of Health has issued revised guidelines to be followed by the public from tomorrow, Monday the 5th of July.

The guidelines issued by the Director General of Health Services will be effective from tomorrow till the 19th of July.

According to the directives, public transport in the Western Province can commute passengers according to 30% seat capacity, while all other provinces can transport persons at 50% capacity, private vehicles and taxis can only transport persons according to the number of seats.

According to the new guidelines, all state and private sector organisations have been instructed to operate with minimum staff, with employees encouraged to work from home as much as possible.

Institutional meetings have been advised to be conducted with a maximum of ten persons while conferences and workshops can be conducted with a maximum of 25 persons.

Persons operating within industrial zones, such as the apparel sector, can function as per usual.

Agriculture, plantations, banks, financial institutions, pawning centres, garages, service stations, timber mills, construction shops and laundries will be allowed to open.

However, the guidelines state that such establishments will be allowed to open under strict conditions.

Meanwhile, gyms, indoor stadiums and libraries can also open subject to health guidelines, while training for sports activities can take place individually and not in-groups.

Walking tracks will be allowed to open with single file walking or running.

The conduct of weddings will continue to be prohibited while registrations will be allowed with a maximum of ten persons.

Funerals have been advised to be conducted within a 24-hour period with a maximum of 15 attendees. Pools, private indoor events, religious places, cinemas, museums, indoor gatherings, pubs and bars, casinos, clubs and betting centres will remain closed.

Meanwhile dining-in at restaurants including take away and delivery will be allowed under strict health guidelines.

Spas have also been allowed to open while hotels and rest-houses can open under strict health measures.

Economic centres will be open for wholesale trading while weekly fairs will be open to the public under strict health guidelines.

Mobile vendors and street vendors can also function under strict health guidelines.

Stores and shops can also open according to health practices, while bakeries can open with a maximum of three persons allowed at any given time.

Meanwhile, salons and barber shops will also be allowed to open on prior appointments.

Supermarkets can continue operations with a cap of 25% on customers.

Shopping malls have been permitted to reopen, while unnecessary loitering and gathering in large groups will be prohibited.

Meanwhile tailors, communication centres, clothing stores, other retail shops and examination centres have been granted consent to open.

Clothing stores have been advised to ensure a 25% capacity at all times.

Meanwhile, court proceedings can resume with a 35% capacity in a courtroom in the Western Province, while elsewhere a 50% capacity has been allowed at courtrooms.

The guidelines state that court proceedings will be conducted according to the directives of judges while judges will determine whether prisoners and the public will be allowed for hearings.

Meanwhile visitors will continue to be prohibited at elders and children homes and at prisons.

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