Lambda variant can arrive in SL -Experts

The Ministry of Health says the newly identified Lambda coronavirus variant can arrive in the country at any given time, despite control measures.

The Lambda variant that was first detected in Peru is currently spreading across Latin American countries, while the World Health Organization has said it has currently spread to 31 countries.

When inquired by the risk posed by the Lambda variant to Sri Lanka, Deputy Director General of Health Services Dr. Hemantha Herath said the virus variants that have been identified in the country thus far had spread based on people’s movement.

He added the Lambda variant has been identified in South America, and it will arrive in Sri Lanka, following people’s movement.

Dr. Herath said therefore arrival of the variant in the country cannot be predicted.

He stressed through the existing quarantine process authorities will be able to prevent its entry to a certain extent, adding however that PCR tests do not have 100% accuracy, and a COVID-19 patient may go undetected.

Dr. Hemantha Herath further said while a 14-day quarantine period is sufficient for a majority of persons, some individuals may carry the virus for longer.

He noted all variants that have been detected can be contained by following health practices, and urged the public to adhere to health measures.

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