Saving lives should be the priority; Medical Specialists tell Govt

The Association of Medical Specialists has raised alarm over the decision to ease travel restrictions at a time the Delta variant of the noel coronavirus is spreading rapidly in the country.

The Association said in a statement that the decision by the government to ease restrictions at a time when the daily COVID numbers are increasing due to the prevalence of the Delta variant is like adding fuel to the fire.

It added the move is likely to aggravate the situation.

The Association said if the number of COVID cases increase further it will overwhelm the health system in the country which will have serious consequences.

The Association said then the anticipation of the arrival of more tourists in the country will be a mere dream.

The Association therefore requested the government to review the current situation and amend the existing health and travel restrictions.

The Association of Medical Specialists said it acknowledges the need to safeguard the livelihoods of the people and provide them with an adequate income, but noted that saving the lives of the citizens should be the bigger priority at present.

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