‘Health system overwhelmed; there will be no health staff left’

Chief Training Nurse Officer of the Colombo National Hospital Pushpa Ramyani Zoysa warns health authorities that if stringent decisions are not taken to manage the current COVID-19 pandemic, there will be no health staff left to treat patients.

Speaking at a media briefing of the Civil Task Force Suppression of COVID-19 today, Nurse Zoysa said the entire hospital system is in a critical state.

She said patients with various illnesses including emergency accidents are reported daily in addition to coronavirus patients.

Pushpa Ramyani added with the number of cases rising daily, the healthcare system is at immense risk, with health workers increasingly contracting the virus.

She called on authorities to seek prompt solutions without delay, adding that the situation is worsening.

She also stated that the solution is not increasing the number of mortuaries or hospitals, but managing and controlling the present coronavirus situation.

Meanwhile, joining the media briefing Convener of the Civil Task Force for Suppression of COVID-19, Ravi Kumudesh said there was no political motivation behind health professionals including himself urging the government to impose a lockdown of at least two weeks.

Kumudesh said tactics must change based on the virus including calls for a lockdown based on the pattern of the virus.

He said one reason behind Sri Lanka ranking first in the world on the coronavirus death ratio, is due to the failure to identify the number of COVID-patients accurately adding the actual number is five times the reported figure.

Kumudesh said the government’s claim that they are protecting eight million daily wage earners by refusing to impose the lockdown is a joke, adding such persons are already at risk.

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