COVID patients must drink two liters of water daily-Dr. Jayawardena

Professor in Nutrition at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Colombo Dr. Ranil Jayawardena says COVID-19 positive patients must drink two liters of water daily in order to prevent dehydration.

Dr. Jayawardena speaking at a media briefing said patients with even the slightest of temperatures will face difficulties in drinking water including COVID-patients who suffer from a lack of taste, who have a cough and breathing difficulties.

He noted such individuals must make it a point to consciously drink more water, adding that keeping record of one’s water intake is one method of monitoring water intake.

Dr. Jayawardena added an individual can determine if they have drunk enough water through the colour of one’s urine, adding a sufficient intake of water will indicate clear urine.

He noted an exception would be if an individual has taken vitamins, that could also contribute to the change in urine colour.

Therefore Dr. Jayawardena urged COVID-positive patients to drink a glass of water every half an hour in order to ensure a two liters intake of water daily, while the rest can be met through the food intake.

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