Hindering distribution of essential food is an offence

Following the President’s declaration that emergency regulations on the provision of essential foods would come into effect from yesterday (31), an Extraordinary Gazette Notification on the same has detailed that any person who hinders the distribution of such essential items is committing an offence.

The President’s Media Division stated earlier that regulations apply to the supply, selling at higher prices, and hoarding of essential food including paddy, rice, and sugar.

A detailed list of emergency regulations promulgated by the President under the public securities ordinance was included in the notification.

The gazette goes on to mention that an employee who does not report to work, stage protests or aid and abet to any such organized movements to be immediately removed from his position.

Additionally, the Superintendent of Police in charge of the respective area has been tasked with the authority to seize paddy storage facilities, rice mills and private food warehouses.

If proved in a court of law that such facilities were used to commit an offence, the contents will be confiscated by the Government.

Authorized officials are permitted to take steps to provide essential food items at a concessionary rate to the public by purchasing stocks of essential food items including paddy, rice and sugar, at government pre regulated prices or based on the Customs value on imported goods to prevent market irregularities.

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