Milk powder, Wheat flour and Cement prices to go up

The prices of milk powder, wheat flour and cement will have to be increased in the coming days, a senior official of the State Ministry of Consumer Protection said.

The official said that despite the importers’ request for an increase in the local prices due to the increase in the international market prices of these three items for about six months, they had continued to discuss the matter. He said the new prices would be implemented with the final approval of the Expenditure Committee.

The pricing committee of the Consumer Affairs Authority and its board will publish details of their studies on these three products in the near future.

At the current price of 940 rupees per kilo of milk powder, a metric ton of milk powder in the international market was US $ 3,070.

But at present, a metric ton of milk powder has risen sharply to $ 3,700, the official added.

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