‘Issues will be solved through a democratic system’

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa says solutions will be provided to issues through a democratic system.

The President expressed his views during a discussion with a visiting European Union delegation at his private residence in Mirihana this morning.

The EU delegation is in Sri Lanka to study Sri Lanka’s compliance with matters already agreed upon under the EU GSP+ system, working jointly with Sri Lanka and views of the European Parliament on Sri Lanka.

The EU representatives, directed attention to the Prevention of Terrorism Act and highlighted the need for a timely solution.

The delegation said they hope to submit a comprehensive report to the European Commission and the European Parliament based on the findings of the visit to Sri Lanka adding they will extend their support to Sri Lanka.

The President meanwhile said he instructed the Minister of Justice and the Attorney General to appoint necessary committees to take immediate steps to amend provisions of the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

President Rajapaksa added he will abide by consensus reached on human rights world over at present.

The President claimed he is working with civil society organizations with mutual understanding and will seek their support for reconciliation and development efforts in the country.

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