MRI dismisses claims that booster jabs are ineffective

The Medical Research Institute says reports that the coronavirus booster shot is ineffective due to the potency of the Omicron variant, are false.

Speaking at a media briefing in Colombo today, a specialist in viral diseases Dr. Jude Jayamaha said it is important for all individuals to obtain a booster dose.

Dr. Jayamaha said social media groups are circulating claims that the booster dose is not responsive to the Omicron variant adding that there is no evidence to suggest so.

He noted that spike protein is used in vaccines in general adding that certain COVID-19 vaccines have included the spike protein to boost one’s immunity or to create antibodies.

Dr. Jayamaha therefore, claimed that it is merely an assumption that the vaccine does not work against the Omicron variant.

Therefore, Dr. Jude Jayamaha said it is important to ensure the public receives the booster vaccine dose especially frontline workers.

He said a policy decision will be reached to ensure all groups receive the booster jab.

Dr. Jayamaha said coronavirus variants won’t easily diminish, adding some variants could worsen while some could be ineffective.

Therefore Dr. Jayamaha stated in order to prevent variants from emerging, the spread of the coronavirus must be curtailed.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jayamaha said the Delta variant broke out in India and spread globally while the Alpha and Delta variants had a significant impact in Sri Lanka.

He said the World Health Organisation raised caution over the Omicron variant on the 26th of November due to its mutations.

He added the Omicron variant has 32 mutations, the Delta variant 23, and the Alpha variant eight.

He claimed that as a result, the WHO announced that the Omicron variant could pose a serious risk while there also remain other factors.

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