Vehicle imports will not be allowed in 2022-Basil

Minister of Finance Basil Rajapaksa says vehicle imports will not be allowed next year as well.

The Minister speaking at a function in Colombo today said new recruitment’s to the state sector will not be permitted either.

He claimed that during all discussions, even with the President, requests are being made to import vehicles and to recruit employees to the state sector.

The Minister said certain Divisional Secretariats do not have sufficient chairs for employees and therefore requested that requests to increase staff not be made.

The Minister attributed the decisions to the critical foreign exchange deficit.

Minister Rajapaksa said the government does not want to reach the status of a famine and will ensure food security.

The Finance Minister also requested that steps be taken to reduce the foreign reserves allocated for the importation of milk powder as a means of supporting the government by next year.

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