‘Those suffering from epilepsy must seek medical treatment’

Consultant Neurologist at the Colombo National Hospital Dr. Sunethra Senanayake says individuals suffering from epilepsy must refrain from following superstitious beliefs and seek medical attention.

Speaking during a media briefing in Colombo today, Dr. Senanayake said there is a myth in Sri Lanka that epilepsy that causes seizures is a result of an individual being possessed.

Dr. Senanayake said therefore many individuals attempt to carry out religious practices.

However, she said such patients should be directed towards medical attention.

She said hospitals island wide are fully equipped to treat such patients.

Dr. Senanayake said doctors at OPDs in national hospitals can direct patients to specialised clinics while necessary medicines can be obtained from any hospital.

She said what is important is that the patient is well informed of the illness.

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