HRCSL advocates the complete abolition of the PTA

The Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka says notwithstanding the amendments already suggested by the government, it advocates the complete abolition of the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Issuing a statement on the briefing of the Diplomats on the Road Map of the HRCSL for 2022 held at the Human Rights Commission Headquarters recently, the Commission said it believes that the offence of terrorism should be included in the Penal Code with a new definition for terrorism.

The statement said “It is explicitly for those who threaten or use violence unlawfully to target the civilian population by spreading fear thereof to further a political-ideological or religious cause. The Commission advocates that terrorism should be investigated under the General Law of the country with necessary amendments”.

The Commission said the indefinite period of detention under the PTA violates the Constitution, which says “Deprivation of liberty of a person pending investigation or trial shall not constitute punishment”.

The Human Rights Commission said amendments to the Penal Code, the Code of Criminal Procedure Code, Judicature Act and the Bail Act require modifications for this purpose.

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